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Our Vendors

Wandy Boys Honey

Wandy Boys Honey is owned and operated by Quinn Wandschneider, a local high school student, and his family! Quinn and his family harvest honey from their many hives, then process package and sell their honey. Not only is their honey delicious, but it's also a healthy sweetener because it's all-natural!

LaPorte Dysart FFA

We also have honey grown and processed by the LaPorte Dysart FFA Chapter for sale at our store! The chapter has three beehives that students harvest honey from, they then process and package it to be sold. Through growing and selling honey students are able to learn about the entire process from hive to jar! All of the profits made from selling the honey help fund chapter activities!

Ellie's Goat Milk Blessings

Ellie's Goat Milk Blessings is a local business owned and operated by Ellie Kar, a high school student from Van Horne, Iowa. Ellie handcrafts soaps and lotion all made from the milk from her own dairy goats! Her products are super moisturizing while also smelling divine!

Beck's Orchard

Beck's Orchard is a local apple orchard owned and operated by Loius and Pat Beck. The Beck's are located in Buckingham, Iowa, and grow over 25 different varieties of apples on their farm. Their apples are delicious to eat raw as a snack while also working great for any fall baking you might be doing!

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